Mighty+ Verdampfer im Nebel mit Fragezeichen

Updated 09/04/2021

Jürgen Bickel, Managing Director of Storz & Bickel, published a self-portrait with a "Mighty+" on Instagram.


You can see an externally largely unchanged Mighty, which now has orange buttons and an orange lettering "Mighty+".

If you look closely, you can see a "stand aid".

We remain curious ;-)

Dear readers,

many rumors surround the new Mighty+.

But what do we really know and what is speculation?

Like all brand manufacturers, Storz & Bickel understandably keeps a low profile when it comes to new products.
There is no reliable information, for us that is part of honesty.

But what is likely to change and what will stay the same?
Let's speculate a bit ;-)


We're expecting a gentle "facelift" here, similar to the Crafty+, but don't anticipate a major "redesign".


We expect modernization here. The current display technology is getting a bit old, a change to a more modern display technology is very likely.

charging port

It has been haunting the rumor mill for a long time and we also see a switch to USB-C as very likely, as we see this connection as the future standard for all branded vaporizers.

Battery technology and service life

Will be the most exciting topic. We assume that Storz & Bickel will revise both the batteries and the technology in such a way that the heating-up time will be reduced and the battery life extended.

Evaporation efficiency

The Mighty vaporizer has been the undisputed number one portable vaporizer for years when it comes to efficient herb vaporization. So we don't expect big jumps.

packaging, power supply and accessories

With the Crafty+, Storz & Bickel has already started to only include minimal accessories and no longer have a charger.
It is therefore quite likely that Storz & Bickel will continue this line with Mighty evaporators.
We know this topic will cause controversy and our customers have different opinions on the question.
However, we at 157Grad would welcome this step in terms of environmental protection and resource conservation.
Many of our customers already own USB power supplies, herb grinders and similar accessories.
Unnecessary technology and accessories that are not even produced are, in our opinion, the best contribution to climate and environmental protection. Smaller packaging also ensures that less transport is required to transport the same number of devices.


Some rumors expect the Mighty+ to connect via Bluetooth in the future
can be paired with a mobile phone or PC to make settings.
We view these rumors critically. Apple and Google banned vaping apps from their app stores some time ago, and Storz & Bickel has always placed great value on the Mighty's ease of use.
Our forecast: This function will not come.

Will the "old" Mighty vaporizer still exist?

We do not believe that Storz & Bickel will keep two devices on the market, but assume that the Mighty will be replaced by the Mighty+.

The current Mighty is currently available from us at extremely attractive conditions and is a real bargain for everyone who is looking for a top device at a comparatively low price and attaches less importance to the assumed innovations.

Buy here.

Are there actually fake Mighty(+) vaporizers?

Yes, especially on Chinese platforms, plagiarisms are offered for sale that can hardly be distinguished visually from the original, but are of inferior workmanship and often do not technically meet the standards that are prescribed for sale in the EU. The dangers of such plagiarism should not be underestimated. Cheap batteries, the absence of protective circuits and sloppy workmanship are "flammable" in the truest sense of the word.

How can you protect yourself?

When buying, make sure to buy from a reputable dealer based in Germany or the EU.
Each Mighty vaporizer has a unique serial number on the packaging and on the device, which you can use to verify the authenticity of your Mighty vaporizer with the manufacturer as part of a device registration.

Always be wary of very cheap offers.
A new original Mighty comes at a price, and it's worth it.

Of course, we only sell original goods from the manufacturer Storz & Bickel, which we obtain from authorized wholesalers or directly from the manufacturer.

Tip: Never give out your Mighty vaporizer serial numbers, and don't accidentally post your serial number on social media sites when telling your friends about your new vaporizer.

When is the new Mighty+ finally coming?

There have been rumors since the release of the Crafty+, but no exact date until today. However, there are increasing indications of a release date in September or October of this year, i.e. before the Christmas business of 2021.
However, due to the corona pandemic, many supply chains have come to a standstill, so that a later date cannot be ruled out.

As soon as the new Mighty+ evaporator is available from us, we will inform you here and publish a first short test.

Your team from 157 degrees.
(Author: Udo Meyer)