Mighty+ Coming Soon

Storz & Bickel has let the cat(s) out of the bag .

There will be a small bouquet of new products in September.

Let's start with the classic, the Volcano and Volcano Hybrid :

This will be available in two colors in the future, Silver & new: Onyx. Fortunately, the price remains the same.

Volcano and Volcano Hybrid Onyx

The Crafty+ also gets a makeover:

The chamber is now ceramic coated,
comes with a USB-C connector,
now loads 25 minutes faster than its predecessor
and 3 temperatures can be preset.

Here, too, the recommended retail price from Storz & Bickel has remained the same at €298.

The most exciting innovation is certainly the Mighty+.

This one is coming like the new Crafty+ now
with a ceramic-coated filling chamber,
a USB-C charging port with "Supercharge" function (Storz & Bickel promises 80% charge in just 40 minutes),
a heating-up time reduced to 60 seconds,
a new design,
a "super booster function",
an improved case
and "drum roll" a built-in "stand".
As we expected, Storz & Bickel will no longer include a power supply, a grinder and a filling aid with the Mighty+.
The recommended retail price from Storz & Bickel for the Mighty+ will also increase from €348 to €398, which should also affect the market price.
The Mighty is currently listed on the Storz & Bickel homepage.
Both models will probably be available for sale at least in the next few months.

Our opinion:

Storz & Bickel remains true to its line, dispenses with technical "bells and whistles" and continues to improve the quality.

The Onyx color for the Volcano & Volcano Hybrid is chic,
the revision of the Crafty+ makes sense and the Mighty+ will, if the advertising promises come true, stand out even further from the competition and further expand its supremacy in terms of quality and efficiency.

When will the new devices be available?

The Volcano and the Volcano Hybrid Onyx will be available from us shortly.

The Crafty+ is announced for 09/16/21


the Mighy+ is scheduled to hit the market on 9/23/21.

We will inform you in good time when the new products from Storz & Bickel are available from us.

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Here is the keynote from Storz & Bickel in full:


Crafty+Mighty+Volcano classic onyxVolcano hybrid onyx