Dynavap M Plus 2023 starter set - various types of wood

material: cedar
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The DynaVap VapCap M Plus 2023 is now finally available as a starter set, with everything you need to get started.
An all-round carefree package to get started with DynaVerse straight away.

The DynaVap M Plus 2023 is now the 6th generation of the DynaVap "M" series and has some new features compared to its predecessor:

  • The handle has been improved and now has a more robust, textured surface
  • Square Airport - This offers more choice for airflow adjustment
  • New tip - faster heating, more mass
  • The chamber has about 12-15% more volume
  • Conical mouthpiece 10mm - fits most female 10mm adapters
  • 2 positions adjust-a-bowl feature

And of course, the DynaVap M Plus 2023 vaporizer comes with the tried and tested DynaVap principle:

  • No power/battery required.
  • good steam development
  • simple handling
  • small & inconspicuous
  • Bi-metal cap with "click"

How do you use the DynaVap?

  1. Remove cap
  2. Fill the heating chamber with the desired herbs
  3. Put the cap back on
  4. Cover the air holes with your fingers and heat the cap with the jet lighter while turning the DynaVap until you hear a "CLICK" (for beginners) or two clicks (for experienced users)
  5. Inhale and clear the openings again on the last pull.

Please note that it takes some experience to use the DynaVap optimally. You can find various videos on YouTube showing how to use it optimally.

More product details:

  • Made of stainless steel and bi-metal (cap)
  • Small and handy: length approx. 91mm, diameter approx. 10mm, weight: approx. 20 grams

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x DynaVap VapCap M Plus 2023 Vaporizer
  • 1x DynaStash made of wood. Please select type of wood!
  • 1x Jet-Flame lighter (not filled!)
  • 1x DynaWax
  • 3x O-rings for the tip
  • 2x replacement O-ring for the condenser
  • 1x stainless steel replacement sieve

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