Magical Butter Gummy Tray in various designs

Style: Eat to Treat - 2 pack
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Delivery times:
Germany: approx. 1-3 days
EU: about 5-8 days

With Magical Butter's Silicone Gummy Trays, gummy candies, granola bars and other sweets can be made quickly and easily.

According to the manufacturer, made from 100% food-grade, non-toxic silicone and BPA-free.

Dishwasher safe and therefore easy to clean.

heat resistant.

Scope of delivery:

  • Eat to Treat
    2x Eat to Treat Silicone Gummy Trays by Magical Butter for approx. 30 sweets

  • Small 2ml
    2x Small 2ml Gummy Tray by Magical Butter for approx. 90 small sweets of 2ml each

  • Butter tray
    1x Butter Gummy Tray from Magical Butter for making 4x 110ml bars.
    Each bar can be divided into 8 equal pieces.

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