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Not too long ago, DynaVap released the M7 and M7 XL, and just when you thought it couldn't get any better, the renowned American manufacturer of mechanical vaporizers threw the DynaVap HyperDyn into the ring. On this page, we will tell you in detail about the modern features of this vaping newcomer.

Extra large herb chamber and highest quality

Probably the biggest feature of the Dynavap Hyperdyn is its particularly large herb chamber compared to the other models. The Hyper Titanium Tip heating chamber can now be filled with up to 0.25 g of herb material for massive clouds of vapor and extended sessions. By comparison: the standard tips only have space for around 0.12 grams of herbs.

You don't really need to mention it when buying a DynaVap vaporizer, as it's now a given, but the HyberDyn is made exclusively from high-quality and extremely durable materials. The slightly higher purchase price of this model is largely due to the fact that titanium is mainly used here. Thanks to a special coating technology from DynaVap, the material is not only very robust, but also extremely scratch-resistant.

Adjustable airflow and diverse compatibility

The airflow can be influenced in two different ways with the HyberDyn. Firstly, you can simply use the kick hole while using the vaporizer and secondly, you can achieve a seven-stage adjustment using the condenser. The deeper the condenser is pushed into the mouthpiece, the freer the airflow becomes.

The HyberDyn offers a wide range of compatibility and can be combined with all previous DynaVap stems and mouthpieces. And not only that: The HyberDyn is also compatible with 10 mm and 14 mm water filter adapters.

The vaporizer is also compatible with various Dynavap accessories, such as The Wand induction heater and the DynaStash XL and SlimStash XL storage options.

Compatibility list:

  • All items, tips and mouthpieces already on the market
  • The Wand Induction Heater
  • DynaStash XL
  • SlimStash XL
  • SlingStash (with storage cup removed)

Please note: The new Hyper Cap only fits the Hyper Tip.

Practical design and temperature display via click sound

The ergonomically designed HyberDyn looks great, but its special design is not only beautiful, but also practical. Because the way this vape is designed, you can practically feel the carb hole blind and don't have to constantly keep an eye on the device while using it.

Just like with the other mechanical vapes from DynaVap, the correct vaping temperature is also signaled with a clicking sound on the HyberDyn. As soon as you hear a click when heating up the Hyper Cap , which is slightly thicker than the standard cap, you can start vaping straight away! And when you hear the click again, the session is over because the temperature has fallen below a level suitable for vaping.


Do you have to have the HyberDyn as a DynaVap? It depends. Collectors will hardly be able to say no here anyway, as this candidate is simply too special for that. It is especially for those who create really massive clouds of vapor with their vaporizer and do not want to compromise on material quality and durability. In fact, there is a good chance that you will be able to use this masterpiece for a lifetime. However, the HyberDyn may be a bit too powerful for vaping beginners. After all, as a novice driver, you don't immediately get into a Formula 1 racing car.

Product details:

  • Ergonomic design with excellent grip
  • Suitable for dry herbs and with the right accessories also for concentrates
  • With Airport
  • 7-way airflow adjustment
  • Large herb chamber with a capacity of about 0.25 grams
  • Stylish design and robust construction
  • Only high-quality materials: titanium and a small amount of silicone for the sealing rings
  • New Hyper Cap: thicker and larger than the standard cap
  • DuraDyn coloring coating technology for a scratch-resistant surface
  • Compatible with water pipes or bongs with 14 mm and 10 mm connection

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x HyberDyn titanium stem
  • 1x Hyper Cap (cap)
  • 1x titanium tip with hyper titanium sieve
  • 2 × temperature-resistant silicone O-rings for the titanium tip
  • 1x titanium condenser including mouthpiece
  • 2 x temperature-resistant silicone O-rings for the titanium condenser


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