Buying grinders online - What are the arguments for buying a good and cheap grinder in the online shop?

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Showing 1 - 17 of 17 products
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Medtainer verschiedene FarbenMedtainer Griner Gold Einzelteile
Medtainer Original Medtainer grinder/herb mill different colors *NEW*
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Storz&Bickel Grinder
Storz & Bickel Storz & Bickel grinders
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Storz&Bickel Kräutermühle Grinder XLStorz&Bickel Kräutermühle Grinder XL Einzelteile
Black Leaf Nussholz/Alu Grinder in VerpackungBlack Leaf Nussholz/Alu Grinder Gold in Verpackung
The Bulldog Grinder - 3 pcs.Bulldog Grinder transparent Logo
The Bulldog The Bulldog Grinder - 3 pcs.
Sale price4,90 €
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Banana Bros. OTTO elektrischer Grinder GoldBanana Bros. OTTO elektrischer Grinder Gold mit Zubehör
The Bulldog Grinder Black Metal LogoThe Bulldog Grinder Black Metal seitlich

Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Grinders are herb mills that can be used to grind herbs quickly and easily. They usually have a toothed grinder and work by turning them by hand.
In our grinder shop you will see that the grinder price is quite variable. It depends on the material the model is made of and on the features it offers. It goes without saying that an electric grinder is more expensive than a two-piece plastic grinder such as the Medtainer. On the other hand, a herb grinder is just a useful accessory and much cheaper than, say, a desktop vaporizer. By the way, desktop vaporizers are often shipped together with a crusher!
Sometimes pieces of herb get stuck in the herb grinder and sit so firmly that they are difficult to remove. If it is a sturdy metal grinder, you can use a pointed object to remove these pieces. Of course, if you have a plastic or wooden grinder, you should take extra care and try something less hard.
You can buy high quality grinders in any good head shop and of course online with us in our large assortment - fast delivery guaranteed! We always try to offer you the lowest grinder price and only carry products that we ourselves are convinced of their quality. Purchase on account is also possible! Please also think of a suitable storage container to store the ground herbs so that they retain their aroma and potency for as long as possible.
If you don't want to order from our grinder shop, but just want to own a wooden grinder, screen grinder or other crusher as soon as possible, you should simply visit your nearest head shop.
It is of course legal to buy a grinder online by mail order. It does not matter whether it is a ceramic grinder, electric grinder or any other herb grinder. You will not find anything in our assortment that is illegal in Germany anyway.
In contrast to the simple two-part grinder, a sieve grinder has another level separated by a sieve. Every time herbs are ground, the falling pollen falls through the sieve and lands in a collecting container that fills up over time.
Crank grinders are particularly beautiful grinders with a real crank, thanks to which the herbs can be ground particularly effortlessly. There are also many XXL grinders with a crank, as these require more power to grind many herbs.
Card grinders are grinders with tiny holes in the size of a credit card. They are flat and extremely portable, but of course cannot compete with conventional grinders in terms of grinding performance.

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