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The time has finally come and we can look forward to an addition to the Dynavap family.
The US-based manufacturer is now launching The "M" 7 on the market!

The robust herbal vaporizer combines tried-and-tested properties with great new features and is available at an affordable price, considering the high quality of its materials and workmanship.
In the following, we will take a look at its general characteristics before highlighting its new features. We also explain how to use the Dynavap The "M" 7 and give helpful tips for the best possible result.

Long shelf life and excellent aroma

The "M" 7 is made of medical steel and is virtually indestructible. As the slim and robust vaporizer works purely mechanically, you don't have to worry about electronic parts if it slips out of your hand and falls on the floor, for example.

With the Dynavap The "M" 7, you can enjoy a very pure and clean herbal taste, which many people find better than the taste you get from an electronic vaporizer.

No burning of the herbs and adjustable filling chamber

When used properly, the herbs in the filling chamber are not burnt, but only heated until vapor is produced. In addition, the intensity of the vapor can be influenced by the way in which the herb chamber is heated and the use of the integrated kick hole.

As with the previous model, the filling quantity of the herb chamber can also be adjusted on the M7. Microdosing enthusiasts can reduce the chamber size by around half.

Compact dimensions and efficient extraction of herbs

Just like the other vaporizers in the Dynavap family, The "M" 7 is also extremely small and fits in any jacket or trouser pocket. This makes it a model that is ideal for use on the go.

The "M" 7 extracts the active ingredients from the herbs so efficiently that significantly less herbal material is required to achieve the same effect compared to burning. This saves a lot of herbs and money in the long term. Quite apart from the high efficiency, inhaling vapor is also much less harmful than smoke.

No battery and adjustable herb chamber

Unlike most other herbal vaporizers, The "M" 7 works entirely without a battery, rechargeable battery or electrical parts.
It can be used with almost any fire source, although we recommend an induction heater such as The Wand from Ispire or a jet lighter for the most convenient use.

Since the last version of The "M", the size of the herb chamber can be reduced by half thanks to the adjust-a-bowl feature, which is a particular advantage for fans of microdosing, i.e. the use of particularly small quantities of herbs.

The new features of The "M" 7

The "M" 7 has some interesting new features compared to previous models, which we will discuss in more detail below:

  • Larger vapor clouds: the herb head now has a higher mass and can therefore store heat more efficiently. This feature is particularly useful for those who prefer a complete extraction of herbs in just one heating process. Another advantage of the higher mass of the filling chamber is a more even extraction of the herb material.
  • Improved design: The new design has been created in such a way that the heat emanating from the herb head to the mouthpiece has been reduced by around 20 percent. This makes the vaporizer comfortable to use even during intensive use.
  • Better air flow: The air flow has been increased by redesigning the captive cap, i.e. the cap belonging to the herb chamber.
  • Redesigned kick hole: The new design of the "airport" makes the kick hole particularly easy to use.

How to use The "M" 7

Using The "M" 7 is fundamentally different from using an electronic vaporizer. This is because it is not electronics that ensure that the correct temperature is reached for vaporization, but a fire or heat source. Below we will show you exactly how to use the M7:

  • Remove the cap from the herb chamber.
  • Fill the herb chamber with your herbal material.
  • Place the cap back on the vaporizer.
  • Heat the cap while turning it with a jet lighter, such as the Tobaliq M3 Turbo Black gas burner, or with an induction heater specially designed for this type of vaporizer, until you hear a clicking sound.
  • Now inhale through the mouthpiece and use the kick hole or the airport to influence the vapor.
  • As soon as you hear the cap click again, you can either reheat the herb chamber until the herbs have been completely extracted or remove the used herbs.

Tips for use

  • The herb chamber can get very hot. It is therefore advisable not to touch it during and for a few minutes after the heating process.
  • The further the cap is heated towards the mouthpiece, the denser the vapor clouds become. So if you want to enjoy gentle clouds of vapor, you should heat the cap as close to the tip as possible.
  • The elongated part of the cap is ideal for removing herb residue from the filling chamber.
  • Even small amounts of herbs can be enough for impressive clouds of vapor - just try it out!

Conclusion on the Dynavap The "M" 7

The "M" 7 is a successful further development of the M series from Dynvap. It is amazing that it is possible to produce such dense and delicious vapor with such an inexpensive vaporizer. The model is therefore not only suitable for the thrifty among vapor lovers, but also for those who want the highest possible efficiency when vaping and are prepared to heat it manually.
The latter has become particularly easy thanks to the new induction heaters from Dynavap and other manufacturers.

Product details:

  • 2 position adjust-a-bowl feature
  • The vaporizer is mainly made of medical stainless steel and a small amount of silicone (for the seals and O-rings)
  • Reduced heat development of the body
  • Improved airflow
  • Compact and robust design
  • Pleasant feel and stylish design
  • Filling quantity of the herb chamber: approx. 0.1 g

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x DynaVap VapCap The "M" 7 2024

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