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These items are B-stock from customer returns.

The devices have been cleaned with isopropanol, are fully functional and complete. (Packaging may be missing or damaged)

You will of course receive the full warranty and we will assume the manufacturer's warranty in accordance with the manufacturer's terms and conditions.

The Wolkenkraft Äris, developed in Germany, represents the 7th generation of vaporizers with patented ECA technology. This innovative and revolutionary technology takes the vaping experience to a particularly high level.

Excellent vapor quality and easy cleaning

Thanks to its modern technology, the vapor quality of the compact Äris is outstanding. As the vapor is generated via convection, you can enjoy a pure vapor taste with this vaporizer, which is equipped with a magnetic chamber rod and comes with an ecological cleaning brush made of wood and horsehair, among other things.

Maintenance of an herbal vaporizer should be as uncomplicated as possible so that you can spend more time vaping than cleaning. The modular design and easy-to-connect air duct ensure that maintenance takes very little time.

Precise temperature setting and short warm-up time

The temperature of the Äris, which can be charged via a USB connection, can be set to the exact degree in the range between 160 °C - 221 °C. This makes it possible to vaporize many different herbs.

After switching on, this model takes around 25 seconds before you can start vaping. This point should particularly appeal to impatient vapers.

OLED display, vibration and automatic switch-off

The set values can be conveniently read on an OLED display. OLED technology has the advantage of consuming particularly little power.

When the temperature is reached, this is not only shown on the display, but also conveniently signaled as a vibration. It is therefore not necessary to constantly watch the screen just to see whether the set temperature has been reached.

The Äris has an automatic switch-off function. This feature not only saves the battery, but also increases safety.

Adjustable session duration and simple operation

For increased convenience when using the Äris, the duration of the steam session can be individually set between three and six minutes. At the end of the session, the device switches itself off automatically. If you want to continue vaping, you can simply switch the vaporizer on again.

Operating the Wolkenkraft Äris is particularly easy. Most vapers will probably not even need to leaf through the operating instructions included in the scope of delivery.


The Äris is already a source of enthusiasm when you hold it in your hand. When you feel and look at it, you realize that you are dealing with a model of superior quality. This impression is confirmed when using the herbal vaporizer. The quality of the vapor invites you to dream, and the Äris is a dream come true for all friends of cultivated vaping.

Product features:

- 7th generation vaporizer technology
- Patented, latest ECA convection technology
- Easy to clean air channel
- Modular design
- Magnetic mouthpiece
- Extendable and adjustable black glass mouthpiece
- Pure and unadulterated vapor taste
- OLED display
- Precise temperature settings between 160 °C and 221 °C
- Short warm-up time of just 25 seconds
- Vibrating alarm when. When the set temperature is reached
- Easy to operate
- Automatic switch-off

Scope of delivery:

- 1x WOLKENKRAFT ÄRIS vaporizer / herbal vaporizer in selected color
- 1x Mouthpiece O-ring and sieve
- 1x Magnetic chamber rod
- 1x cleaning brush for the air duct
- 1x ecological cleaning brush made of wood and horsehair
- 2x cleaning cloth
- 1x Micro-USB cable
- 1x WOLKENKRAFT sticker
- 1x thank you card
- 1x convection/conduction comparison card
- 1x instruction manual

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