DynaVap The M 7 XL - Edition 2024 - Available from 29.03.2024

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This year Dynavap has launched two new "M" models on the market, one of which is The "M" 7 XL!
This is a slightly longer version of The "M" 7.
The solidly built vaporizer combines tried-and-tested features with completely new characteristics and is extremely affordable compared to the electronic competition. The latter is especially true when you consider its high product quality and amazingly high efficiency when heating herbs.

In the following, we will outline the general characteristics of the Dynavap The "M" 7 XL and discuss its new features. We will also give you a brief guide to its use and tips for the best possible results.

Robust construction and a pure taste

The "M" 7 XL is made of medical-grade stainless steel, apart from a small amount of silicone, and is undoubtedly one of the most robust herbal vaporizers currently available.
As it has no electronic parts, you don't have to worry if it slips out of your hand and hits the floor.

The vapor produced by The "M" 7 XL shines with a pure taste and is considered by many users to be better than vapor from an electronic vaporizer.

No burning of herbs and adjustable herb chamber

If the vaporizer is used as intended, burning of the herbs in the filling chamber is almost impossible. Furthermore, the intensity of the vapor can be influenced by using the kick hole and the position of the flame when heating up.

The size of the herb chamber of The "M" 7 XL can be adjusted in two stages. If you want to vaporize less herbal material, you can reduce the chamber size by half.

Compact design and efficient extraction of the herbal material

Even though this is the XL version, The M 7 XL is still very compact and fits easily into any trouser or jacket pocket. This model is very suitable for use on the go.

Although it is "only" a mechanical vaporizer, it delivers a vapor performance that is second to none. The "M" 7 XL produces vapor clouds that are even denser than those produced by high-priced electronic herbal vaporizers.

No battery and cool vapor

Dynavap vaporizers do not require any electronic parts to operate and The "M" 7 XL is no exception in this respect. Only a fire or heat source is required to heat the herb chamber.
However, for maximum efficiency, we recommend an induction heater, such as the Ispire The Wand, or a jet lighter.

Compared to the smaller The "M" 7, the XL version offers a slightly cooler vapor due to the longer vapor path.

The new features of The "M" 7 XL

The "M" 7 XL has some interesting new features compared to its predecessor models, which we will discuss in more detail below:

  • First XL version of The "M": The "M" 7 XL is nothing less than the first vaporizer from The "M" product range in XL format.
  • More vapor: The herb head of The M 7 XL now has a higher mass and therefore stores heat more efficiently. This feature is particularly interesting for those who want a complete extraction of the herbs in just one heating process. Another advantage of the higher mass of the chamber is a more even extraction of the herbs.
  • Reduced heat transfer to the mouthpiece: The new design has been created in such a way that the heat emitted from the filling chamber to the mouthpiece has been reduced by around 20 percent. This makes the small steam generator comfortable to use even when it is used intensively.
  • Better airflow: The airflow has been improved thanks to a slight change in the design of the captive cap, i.e. the cap belonging to the herb chamber.
  • Redesigned airport: Thanks to the new design of the "airport" or kick hole, influencing the vaping experience is now particularly straightforward.

How to use The "M" 7 XL

Although using The "M" 7 XL is straightforward, it does require a certain amount of adjustment for those who are used to vaping with electronic devices.
This is because it is not electronics that are responsible for the correct temperature for vaporization, but an external fire or heat source. Below we will show you how to use the metal pen vaporizer:

  • Remove the bi-metal captive cap from the herb or filling chamber.
  • Fill the herb chamber with herbs.
  • Put the cap back on the vaporizer.
  • Heat the cap with a jet lighter, an induction heater specially designed for this type of vaporizer, or another fire source until you hear a click.
  • Now inhale through the mouthpiece and use the kick hole to influence the vapor experience.
  • As soon as you hear the cap click again, you can either reheat the herb chamber until the herbal material has been completely extracted or remove the used herbs.

Tips & tricks

  • The herb chamber can become extremely hot. Therefore, to avoid burns, do not touch it during and for a few minutes after the heating process.
  • The further the cap is heated towards the mouthpiece, the more intense the vapor becomes. So if you want to enjoy dense vapor, you should heat the cap at its lower end. If, on the other hand, you prefer to inhale gentle vapor, heat the cap further up.
  • The tip of the Captive Cap is ideal for removing herb residue from the filling chamber.
  • Even small amounts of herbs can be enough for impressive clouds of vapor - just give it a try!

Conclusion on the Dynavap The "M" 7 XL

The "M" 7 XL is a successful further development of the M series from Dynvap. It is amazing that it is possible to produce such dense and delicious vapor with such an affordable vaporizer. The model is therefore not only suitable for the thrifty among vapor lovers, but also for those who want the highest possible efficiency and are prepared to heat it manually. The latter is particularly easy thanks to the new induction heaters from Dynavap and other manufacturers.

Product details:

  • Longer steam path than the smaller The "M" 7 and therefore slightly cooler steam
  • Adjust-a-bowl feature with 2 positions
  • The vaporizer is mainly made of medical stainless steel and a small amount of silicone (for the O-rings)
  • Reduced heat development in the direction of the mouthpiece
  • Improved airflow
  • Solid and stylish design
  • Filling quantity of the herb chamber: approx. 0.1 g

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x DynaVap VapCap The "M" 7 XL 2024

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