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Designed with first-time users in mind, this mechanical vaporizer is a fantastic introduction to the DynaVerse.

"The B" features a new type of stainless steel tip for easy and quick extraction.
The food-safe silicone ensures that nobody can burn their fingers and also has an airport and a 10mm conical mouthpiece with which you can use the B with or without a water filter.

Product Details:

  • Stem made from food grade silicone
  • 10mm conical mouthpiece
  • The condenser can be adjusted to control airflow and cooling
  • Tip is backwards compatible with DynaVap devices and accessories
  • A green plastic stash with the DynaVap logo is included for storage

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x DynaVap VapCap The B
  • 1x Green Stash with DynaVap logo

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