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The Dynavap The B is an ideal entry-level model for the DynaVerse, but does not skimp on the usual high efficiency and robust construction.

The B features a new type of herb head that allows complete extraction of herbs in just one pass.

Instead of being made of metal like most of DynaVap's vaporizer models, the body of this small but not to be underestimated vaporizer is made of food-grade silicone. This makes it possible to offer it at such a low price, but it also has another advantage: you can hold it comfortably in your hand at all times without it getting too hot.

The integrated airport allows you to customize your vaping experience. It can also be used with a water filter, as the vaporizer has a 10 mm conical mouthpiece.

Set with practical accessories

In this set, "The B" is delivered together with a practical SlingStash for storage or easy transport, as well as a jet lighter. This carefully put together bundle contains everything you need for a successful start in the world of mechanical vaporizers.

How do I use the DynaVap VapCap The B?

Using the Dynavap The B is fundamentally different from using an electronic vaporizer. Below we show how to use this model:

  1. Remove the cap and fill in herbs: First, the bi-metal cap must be removed from the head so that the latter can be filled with herbs.
  2. Put the cap back on: After the vaporizer has been filled with the herbal material of your choice, the cap must be put back on.
  3. Heat the cap: Now it's time to heat the cap using an induction heater or a lighter. When using a lighter, the placement of the flame determines how intense the vaping experience will be. The further the flame tip is placed from the top of the cap, the more intense the vapor will be. For a one-pass extraction, the flame must be aimed directly in front of the cap.
  4. Wait for the click: The cap is heated until a clicking sound is heard. This click signals the right temperature for vaping and therefore that the vaporizer is ready for use.
  5. Enjoy: Now you can pull on the mouthpiece of the vaporizer and enjoy excellent vapor quality!
  6. Second click: As soon as the cap clicks again, you either need to reheat it or empty the head.

Product details:

  • Cheapest model from Dynavap
  • With body made of food-safe silicone
  • New stainless steel tip for complete extraction in one heating process
  • 10 mm conical mouthpiece for use with a water filter
  • Robust construction
  • With SlingStash for storage
  • Includes high-quality butane gas lighter

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Dynavap “The B” in black
  • 1x black SlingStash
  • 1x butane gas lighter (without gas filling)


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