Hizen herbal dosing capsules for Stilus Pro Konvektion - set of 3

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The stainless steel dosing capsules offered here are suitable for filling with dry herbs and are compatible with the Stilus Pro Konvektion vaporizer from Hizen. The capsules are made in Germany and are characterized by particularly high quality.

Easy cleaning and quality “Made in Germany”

Since the Hizen capsules are made of 100 percent stainless steel, they can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly. If they are slightly dirty, a soapy solution is sufficient and, if you want to clean them more thoroughly, a bath in rubbing alcohol or isopropanol is also possible.

The capsules are not made of aluminum, as is the case with some competitor capsules, but of robust stainless steel. This means that you can expect a very long product lifespan.

Easy dosing and handling

The precisely manufactured capsules have a capacity of about 0.3 grams of herbal material. They are ideal for use on the go, as they can be taken along pre-filled with herbs.

Handling the herbal capsules is easy and should not be a problem for anyone. Simply unscrew the stainless steel lid, add the ground herbal material, close the lid again and then place it in the heating chamber of the vaporizer - done!

For a clean heating chamber and low maintenance of the vaporizer

Probably the biggest advantage of the capsules is that the herb or heating chamber of the vaporizer needs to be cleaned much less often when using them. The time saved can be spent on things that are more fun than cleaning a herb vaporizer.

Which vaporizers are these herbal capsules suitable for?

The stainless steel capsules offered here are only suitable for use with the Hizen Stilus Pro Konvektion .

Product details:

  • Compatible with the Stilus Pro Konvektion
  • Made of 100% stainless steel
  • With screw cap
  • Ideal for pre-portioning herbs
  • Practical set of 3
  • Keeps the vaporizer's herb chamber clean longer

Scope of delivery:

  • 3x stainless steel herbal dosing capsule for the Stilus Pro Konvektion vaporizer

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