Hizen Stilus Bubbler: Water filter for Stilus, Stilus Pro Convection & Stilus Pro Conduction

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Hizen not only produces high-quality and effective vaporizers, but also suitable accessories. This also includes the practical Stilus Bubbler. Specifically, it is a high-quality water filter adapter, thanks to which you can enjoy water-cooled vapor produced by the Stilus, Stilus Pro Convection and Stilus Pro Conduction.

High quality and compatible with three Stilus models

Hizen is very customer-oriented and makes sure to test all products thoroughly before they are available on the vaporizer market. In this respect, the Stilus Bubbler is no exception, so as a buyer you can look forward to a really effective and high-quality accessory.

The robustly built bubbler made of borosilicate glass can be used together with the following three Stilus models:

  • Stilus
  • Stilus Mini
  • Stilus Pro

Cool vapor and uncomplicated application

The bubbler has the ability to cool the vapor emitted by the Hizen Stilus vaporizer down to a comfortable temperature. The water also filters out suspended particles before they reach the respiratory tract and cause irritation. In short: with this water filter adapter, you can look forward to cool and pure vapor!

Using the Stilus Bubbler is very simple:

  1. Fill water into the Stilus Bubbler
  2. Dry the outside of the bong filter
  3. Connect the mouthpiece attachment to your Stilus vaporizer
  4. Attach the water filter to the mouthpiece attachment
  5. Now you can inhale cool, irresistible vapor!

Attention: It is important to avoid water getting into the evaporator as this could damage the electronics.

Conclusion on the bubbler for the Hizen Stilus

There are a lot of accessories whose usefulness is questionable. The bubbler or bong attachment from Hizen for the Stilus, Stilus Mini and Stilus Pro models is not one of them. This accessory is very practical and can ensure that you can enjoy delicious vapor even better and cooler. And all at an absolutely fair purchase price!

Product details:

  • Made of heat-resistant and robust borosilicate glass
  • Includes mouthpiece attachment
  • Cools and purifies the steam
  • Filters small herbal particles from the steam
  • High material quality
  • Secure hold in the Stilus Bubbler

scope of delivery

  • 1x Hizen Stilus Bubbler: Water filter for Stilus, Stilus Pro Convection and Stilus Pro Conduction
  • 1x Removable mouthpiece


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