Isopropanol (IPA) 99.9% - 1 litre

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99% isopropanol from Höfer Chemie.

Suitable for cleaning and maintaining vaporizers.

Please note application and instructions!

Application Notes:

  • Read the instructions and observe the warnings!
  • Highly flammable - Keep away from sources of ignition
  • Only use in well-ventilated rooms - otherwise it can cause irritation of the eyes and respiratory tract
  • Wearing gloves is recommended
  • All parts of the vaporizer that come into contact with essential oils can be cleaned quickly and easily with isopropanol
  • Please make sure that the electronics and the batteries of the vaporizer do not come into contact with the isopropanol!
  • Take vaporizer apart
    Place all moving parts such as the mouthpiece, capsules, etc. (apart from the electronics and the batteries) in isopropanol (parts made of metal and glass can be placed in overnight, sensitive parts made of silicone or plastic should not be left in the isopropanol bath for more than half an hour lay)
  • You can easily clean the herb chamber by putting isopropanol on a cotton swab and using it to clean the chamber
  • Then remove the parts from the isopropanol bath and rinse or wipe with clear water

Product Details:

  • 99.9% isopropanol alcohol for cleaning and disinfecting

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x 1 liter isopropanol with 99.9% purity

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